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Parents, have you ever thought any of these things about your son's baseball career?

"My son plays 2nd base on his Summer team but all he ever plays in High School is outfield. Which one is he?"

"Can he even play at the College level?"

"Is he a D1 player or an NAIA level player?"

"Why do college coaches like some players and not like others?"

"Why do my son's teammates have offers and he doesn't when he has better stats than them?"

"I wish I knew a college coach or someone else that did so I could figure out how to help my son."

If you've ever thought any of these're not alone. If we've heard these questions once, we've heard them a thousand times. There are 3 things we know:

  • Everyone is looking for expert guidance.
  • Everyone is struggling with how this process works.
  • Everyone wants to see their son reach their full potential.

The ProLook Scout Video Evaluation answers all of these questions all at once so you never have to worry about them again.

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You don’t want to be the best kept secret. You need to get seen.

Here’s How It Works

Simply create and update your ProLook Elite player profile and then upload recent video to your ProLook Elite player profile in each of the 6 categories provided.

From there, former College Coaches and MLB Scouts watch your videos and provide you with the following within 7 business days:

  • A detailed skill and tool assessment
  • What position(s) you project to play at the collegiate level
  • A current projected level of collegiate play (D1, D2, D3, NAIA, JuCo, Other)
  • Areas to improve your game
  • A future projected potential level of collegiate play (if you make the suggested improvements above)
  • A PDF of the ProLook Scout Video Evaluation to use as a road map to reach the highest college level possible
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How to Utilize this Valuable Asset

ProLook Scouts can share the evaluation with college coaches they know to help get your son more looks.
You or your son can email college coaches (college coach contact info is accessible in the app) to share with them the ProLook Scout Evaluation.
Your son can share the ProLook evaluation via in app messaging with college coaches you've already connected with.
Having an objective and credible evaluation to share with College Coaches puts you one step ahead of the competition.
There are almost 500,000 High School and Junior College baseball players across the country. What are you doing to separate your son from the rest? Sign up for your ProLook Scout Video Evaluation NOW!!!

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