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  • Set up an incredible, metric and video driven profile for college coaches to follow you
  • Access to database of over 4500 college coaches to find the perfect college for YOU!
  • Advanced search by academics, baseball program, school size, geography, division and more!
  • ELITE: Make UNLIMITED video posts with up to 1 minute of footage and categorize for easier searching for coaches
  • Showcase advance metrics in real-time with video 
  • Rank up to 30 schools in order and change rankings as your interests change
  • Include updated schedules from HS/Summer ball that coaches can export 
  • Receive notifications/updates about important college recruiting events automatically
  • Automatic updates send your metrics to coaches( Ex: your velo went from 88 to 90mph they would get a notification if they follow you)
  • Let colleges know when and where the metrics were taken & verify metrics via video 
  • Add credibility by being evaluated by former MLB Scouts & college coaches
  • Automatic updates from colleges you follow 

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  • Incredible filters that search by grad year, state, positional need, height, weight, GPA/SAT/ACT, advanced metrics (Velo, EV, Spin Rate, 60 time, etc.) and more!
  • Streamline schedule & budget by auto-tracking matchups when players you are following are going to be at the same events 
  • Added credibility by video verifying player metrics within the app or by looking at ProLook Scout Evalutions (all former MLB scouts or college coaches)
  • Players can only upload 1 minute of video for each post & coaches can filter by BP, Training, Bullpens, Live Games & more!
  • Create time/date stamped evaluations within the app and sync players schedules you can share with your staff
  • Rank players according to your preferred method (20-80 scouting scale, 1-5 stars, evaluations) and more!
  • Promote upcoming clinics or events for your program that auto-send to players following your program
  • Post real-time recruiting needs that can be used as a notification across all players within the app
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This app was designed with input from current college coaches, MLB Scouts, former college players as well as current HS players & parents to meet the needs of each person involved in the college baseball recruiting process.

From profile and game schedule syncing to making videos stand out to questions that should be asked on an official visit or automatic notifications on upcoming events or recruiting calendars ---the players & parents benefit.

From tracking and ranking individual players to getting credible source updates, to managing recruiting schedules as well as filtering by positional needs around the country and streamlining your budget---the coaches & scouts benefit!

We have addressed each issue to make the most comprehensive and most efficient format to help align players and programs in the most efficient way possible! All from the ease of your phone! ProLook...The Only Look You Need

Dial of the recuiting process

A Proven Process that will get your recruiting goals on target and aligned.

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